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About Crypto Wallet Recovery

Story behind our Cryptocurrency Rescue Services

The story behind our professional Crypto-based Wallet's password and Seed-phrase recovery services can be traced back to early 2015. Once in 2015, I wanted to send 2.7 Bitcoin to one of popular exchanges of that time to buy Ehtereum. After entering my password, an error arose saying that my password was wrong. I tried all the passwords I normally use, but no luck! I looked for a text file in which I store my passwords. I tried all the passwords but none were correct. I was horrified to see all my Bitcoins are locked in my Bitcoin Core wallet. I put it aside for several days and didn’t check it for a week.
After a week, I created an excel file and started to write all my passwords in that file. Then I change some characters in passwords and saved them all. By and large, I created over 200 passwords. Then one-by-one I started checking the passwords on Bitcoin core wallet. It took me about half a day but still no luck and all the edited passwords were wrong again. I didn’t know how to resolve that problem. Suddenly something interesting popped into my head. I found that my code-writing talent would help me. Then after, I decided to integrate my programming skill into my knowledge cryptocurrency and write a code to automatically check the passwords on Bitcoin core wallet.

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Cryptocurrency password recovery

Satisfying Results:

More Improvements in Cryptocurrency Recovery Software

We have added more improvements in our Cryptocurrency Recovery Software. It took me about six month to write the first version of password cracker for Bitcoin core wallet. Although the program was a great improvement compared to human performance, it had far to go ahead of it. I invited several programs to cooperate with me in editing and optimizing the program which led to initiation of our programming team. Our optimized program could check over 1000 passwords per second which astonishingly cracked my bitcoin core’s password.
As the program greeted us with a success, we got far motivated to improve the program more. We edited the program several times and exerted some major modifications to the core platform of the program which enhanced the speed of the program by more than ten times faster than the speed of previous version. We also created custom designed mega computers to run the program which again substantially boosted the speed of the program. As the time passed we started to have local customers and cracked several wallets passwords in 2018 and 2019.

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Satisfying Results in Recovery Software

Is Your Crypto Password/Seed Phrase lost?

Get them Retrieved with Us

What if You have lost the Password/Seed Phrase of your Cryptocurrency Wallet? We will retrieve them. We use specially-designed password cracker for various wallet types.
As team member reached consensus we did so and incorporated the new programs to the core platform of our program. As we were confident in the accuracy and performance of our program, we start to develop an online business and started to have international customers from all over the world. And from time to time edit our program to fix the bug and optimize the speed and the performance.
We also utilize super-fast machines to run the program with accelerated speed. Right now, our program supports recovering password for more than 30 types of wallets that you can see here. If you have a wallet problem, check here to see if we can solve your problem or not. If it’s mentioned that we can solve your wallet issue, don’t hesitate to send us an email now.

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Lost Password Recovery for Cryptocurrency Wallets

Benefits of Using Our Crypto Wallet Recovery Service

We have the most efficient software along with most powerful machines so we can crack most Crypto-based wallet's passwords and Seed-Phrases in less than a week.

We Save Your Time

Users tend to check their lost passwords manually to find the correct password. This is only good if you know 99% of the password. Even sometimes finding a correct password manually may take a year by user. The same password can be cracked by our platform just in one second

Cloud Based

We also extract password hash of some wallets and use cloud based resources to crack them. But no worries no one cann't steal the coins by cracking password hash. Therefore it is totally safe and secure.

Advanced Analytics

If you give us exact information on the structure and formation of the password, we can give you a detailed information on when your password can be cracked


Although our process of cracking wallet password is so complicated, we will take care of the the complexity and we will provide you full support in order to get your Crypto Recovery task started.

Blockchain Knowledge

We have full knowledge of blockchain and how it operates. We are also totally competent in the structure of most crypto wallets, how they are structured, and how they work. Which most of the time helps us to recover a wallet without even cracking the password

Expert Team

Crypto Wallet Recovery has an expert team of highly skilled professionals that will rescue and recover most of the passwords amd seed phrases for your Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Affordable Pricing

The charges/pricing for wallets password recovery is affordable. If you cannot access your wallet, then everything in it is lost for you. But, we can undo it at a low cost.

Email Notification

whenever your password is cracked, you will receive an Email Notification and gives you full information on how to proceed to next step and receiving your lost coins.

Roadmap to Success

here is how we started and managed to get here.

July, 2015 Planning

We Planned the project in 2015.

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February, 2017 Project Launch
Project Launch

The project was launched in 2017 when bitcoin fever reached everywhere.

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March, 2018 Added New Program
Added New Program

we added new program to the core platform.

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July, 2019 Started to have Customers
Started to have Customers

Started to have Customers in 2019, however they were are local customers.

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October, 2019 Success in Crypto Recovery
Success in Crypto Recovery

We cracked the first password in 2019, and successfully recovered the lost funds of the wallet

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June, 2020 Starting Our Business Online
Starting Our Business Online

In 2020 we decided to go online and offer services to the whole world therefore, we Started our Business Online

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October, 2020 Added Optimized Features to Program
Added Optimized Features to Crypto Wallet Recovery Program

In October, 2020, the program underwent some major editing and many of the bugs were fixed and some other Optimized Features were added to the Program

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May, 2021 Added New Hardware
Added New Hardware for wallets rescue

As the we had some income coming, we bought new hadrware and assembled several customized servers that were built to run our program. With the new servers, our cracking speed really boosted and our customers waiting time decreased to a great deal.

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the Distribution of our Customers

here is the Distribution of our Customers.
customers who got their coins back using our platform

Most of Wallets: Blockchain
Most Recovered: Blockchain
Easiest Recovery: No Easiest
Hardest Recovery: Bip38

Recovered Cryptocurrency Coins and Tokens

We have recovered many crypto coins so far for our customers including: